Tuesday, 2 March 2010

as i said in my previous post, here are pictures of my recovery so far:

this was the day after the op (day 1), it looks a lot worse than it was, the plaster was there because of the genioplasty & i was pretty out of it due to the morphine.

this is day 3 & my first day home, my jaw was held in place by a splint, this kept my mouth open, this was definatley my worst day, i was feeling really sorry for myself & wondering why i had put myself through all this !

This is day 6 & my first day out the house (to see my os). you can see the bruising goes right down my chest. things started to get better from here.

this is day 8, still quite swollen & sore, not sleeping too good either. my lips were definately the worst, lots of vasaline & tcp helped.

day 15, the swelling has gone down a lot, i'm eating & drinking better & definately starting to
see the benefits.

day 27, as you can see still a bit swollen but really happy with the results. i have a profile !!!